VŠMOD - mjesto na kojem studiraju studenti iz cijelog svijeta!

VŠMOD - mjesto na kojem studiraju studenti iz cijelog svijeta!

Objavljeno: 30. Lipanj 2017.

Iznimno smo ponosni na činjenicu da je visok postotak naših studenata došao studirati na VŠMOD iz stranih zemalja , i da pritom za našu zemlju, fakultet i ljude imaju samo najbolje riječi. Velika je to potvrda kvalitete studijskog programa koji provodimo, ali i iznimna prilika za sve naše studente da na fakultetu steknu zanimljiva poznanstva i prijateljstva te upoznaju kulturološku raznolikost svijeta u kojem živimo učeći jedni od drugih. Potpuno je uobičajeno da naš studij pohađaju studenti iz susjednih zemalja, primjerice Bosne i Hercegovine, a sve više studenata dolazi nam iz dalekih zemalja kao što su Sjedinjene Američke Države, Libanon ili Tajland. 

Razgovarali smo s našom studenticom druge godine preddiplomskog studija Chositom Panichsawad koja je u Hrvatsku i na VŠMOD stigla s dalekog Tajlanda, a intervju prenosimo u cijelosti na engleskom jeziku.

What actually brought you to Zagreb and Croatia?

The first time I came to Croatia was back in 2014. I came to travel with my family and my fiancé, visiting his family and such. I was astounded how beautiful the country was. We stayed in Zagreb for a couple of days and then we moved on to enjoy the seaside.

How much did you know about the country and the city before arrival?

I knew that Croatia is a popular touristic country in Europe. Croatia has gained a lot of Thai travelers and tourists these last few years because people who went back from Croatia wrote reviews on the internet and invited more Thai people to visit the country. I did do some research prior to visiting and found that Croatia has a very rich history in terms of culture and architecture.

Why did you decide to apply for VŠMOD and how do you like it?

After I went back to Thailand in 2014, I had the idea about coming to study in Croatia because I had such a great time in the country. I loved (and still love!) Zagreb. The transportation is very well managed and the living standard is impressive. At that moment, I could see myself living here. So, I discussed the subject with my family and decided that I would transfer my grades from Thailand to study here. I did a lot of research and found that VŠMOD is the only place that meets my preferences, the obligations and the requirements for my future educational plan. Along with the fact that my respectable uncle (I call him uncle but he’s actually my fiancé’s uncle) recommended studying at VŠMOD as well. I’ve been having a great time and such a wonderful experience being a student here. The most important thing for me is how I can contact and get information for my courses and exams during the semesters. Everything was difficult at first because of the differences in educational system but I got through it with ease with the help of professors and student assistants who are always present at the university. As an international student who is not on an ERASMUS program, I’ve had to do a lot of documents relating to my stays and my health/traveling insurances on my own; these responsibilities require me to be present at their working hours resulting in me being absent from my classes, sometimes from my exams. However, the professors are very understanding and flexible so I don’t have any problem with my study at all, that’s what I love the most about studying here.

How did you adapt to Croatian lifestyle and college?

I feel like I didn’t have to adapt so much because Croatian people are generally very accepting and open-minded. I don’t face racism here as much as other places I’ve been so I feel very accepted as part of the community. The thing that I care about the most is learning Croatian because the language is very difficult, with the grammar and everything. For that reason, people are always in awe and surprised that I can speak (even a little bit of) Croatian. I’m still learning and I hope I can speak better and become fluent in Croatian in the future.

Which are the main differences between life in Croatia and Thailand?

I’d say the pace of life. I lived in Bangkok and it’s always so crowded and so many people. I like living in Zagreb because I don’t have to face heavy traffic which keeps me on the road for more than three hours like in Bangkok. It’s more peaceful here but it can also get lonely sometimes. It’s good for people who run away from a big cosmopolitan city like me. The thing that I’m still not used to is the fact that nothing works on Sundays. Everything works 24/7 in Thailand, well, mostly. It’s harder to find a green space in the capital of Thailand but not here. In Zagreb, if you want to hike and be with nature, the forests are right at the top of the city and I can also find more of them on mountains surrounding the city. This is the charm of Zagreb, the charm of Croatia. I went to many other cities and I was amazed how you can still preserve the beautiful nature like this in the modern world.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to work in Croatia after I graduate but I’m still not certain with the possibility. It’d be great and amazing if I can find a job here in Zagreb. From then on, I plan to save up more money for the tuition fee and continue my Master degree here at VŠMOD.

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